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Prediction of the Compound Price: The Comp Price Remains at $50; What Comes Next?

Phillip Bryant

ByPhillip Bryant

Nov 23, 2023

Based on compound price predictions, it is anticipated that a significant upward trend has recently commenced, indicating that this particular cryptocurrency may reach a value in the triple digits by the year 2024. The price remains steady above the $50.00 mark, and purchasers are making concerted efforts to maintain the upward momentum.

The price of COMP has been steadily increasing and has successfully surpassed both the 50-day and 200-day Exponential Moving Averages (EMA). The evidence presented indicates that both the short-term and long-term trends are moving in a positive direction.

In addition, the EMAs exhibited a golden crossover that stimulated a positive sentiment and heightened investor engagement.

Currently, purchasers are trying to surpass the $60.00 supply area to sustain their prevailing position. However, the current price consolidation near the resistance level indicates that sellers are also in the market. Investors must exercise caution and refrain from initiating new long positions until there is explicit confirmation of a breakout.

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The purchasing volume is moderate and does not exhibit any significant surges. The presence of crypto whales is evident, indicating their anticipation for a potential wave beyond the $60.00 mark, which could prompt them to establish long positions.

Currently, Compound’s trading value is $53.42, reflecting a 2.14% increase during the day. The percentage of the market cap represented by the 24-hour volume is 9.81%.

Is the Compound Price Going to Reach the Year-To-Date High?

The prediction for the price of the Compound indicates an upward trend, indicating that investors can expect to be rewarded with positive returns over the long term. The price has found support near the demand zone and subsequently reversed its direction towards the upside. The rebound is backed by authentic purchasing, which implies that the potential for decline is minimal.

The upcoming stage of the rally in COMP cryptocurrency will be initiated once purchasers successfully overcome the obstacle at the $60.00 mark. Based on the observed price pattern, it can be deduced that there is a higher level of bullish activity than bearish activity. Consequently, the likelihood of a breakout occurring remains significantly elevated.

According to the analysis, in the event of a breakout, the COMP price is anticipated to surge to its highest point of the year.

Price of Comp Is Very Close to the Equilibrium

The price of COMP is trapped within a broad range consolidation when analyzing the weekly time frame chart. Currently, the price is near the equilibrium point, indicating that buyers have the potential to drive the price upwards and sustain the ongoing recovery.

The price of Compound cryptocurrency is currently showing a doji candle pattern, which typically suggests a state of indecision in the market. Therefore, potential purchasers must surpass the obstacle of reaching a price point of $60.00 to maintain the current level of progress.

The momentum of the MACD curve diminished, and it exhibited a horizontal slope. The price may undergo a period of consolidation before experiencing an upward movement.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) hovering around 55, indicating its proximity to the neutral zone, suggests a potential for range-bound trading. According to the supertrend indicator, as long as the price remains above the $42.20 level, the short-term trend will continue to be positive.


The prediction for the price of the compound indicates an increase in buyer activity, indicating the start of a rally. Should the current trend persist, the value of COMP could reach triple-digit figures by 2024.

According to the assessment, COMP cryptocurrency is currently under the control of bullish investors, and its price is poised to surpass the obstacle at $60.00.

Technical Levels

  • The resistance levels for the particular asset are $59.87 and $85.83.
  • The support levels for this particular asset are at $45.00 and $38.00.
Phillip Bryant

Phillip Bryant

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