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Chainlink and Stablecoin Standard Collaborate to Promote Stablecoins and Set Standards for the Industry

Phillip Bryant

ByPhillip Bryant

Nov 28, 2023
  • Chainlink and Stablecoin Standard have joined forces to expedite the widespread acceptance of stablecoins by leveraging their collective assets and collaborative efforts.
  • Chainlink services such as Price Feeds, CCIP, and Proof of Reserve aim to enhance stability, security, and transparency benchmarks for stablecoins.
  • The partnership combines Chainlink’s advanced decentralized oracle technology with Stablecoin Standard’s objective to facilitate collective industry efforts towards stablecoin adoption.

Chainlink Labs, the renowned organization responsible for the cutting-edge decentralized oracle network Chainlink, recently disclosed a distinctive collaboration with Stablecoin Standard, the esteemed consortium comprising stablecoin issuers.

The collaboration aims to enhance the acceptance of stablecoins by advocating for education, collective assets, and collaborative endeavors centered around Chainlink’s proven solutions for ensuring transparent and interconnected stablecoin frameworks.

Established in 2022, Stablecoin Standard is a platform for stablecoin providers to express their viewpoints and interact with external parties collectively. Participants can exchange optimal methodologies, harness combined proficiency, and establish benchmarks using the consortium.

In the meantime, Chainlink has emerged as the preferred decentralized Oracle solution, offering a dependable and secure means of connecting blockchains with off-chain data and computations. The widespread adoption of Chainlink throughout the DeFi and cryptocurrency sectors has facilitated more than $9 trillion in transaction value.

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The collaboration aims to strengthen Chainlink’s offerings, such as Price Feeds, CCIP, and Proof of Reserve, as standard solutions for ensuring the security and transparency of stablecoin models across different blockchains.

Why Chainlink Is Beneficial to the Growth of Stablecoins

Chainlink Price Feeds are known for providing tamper-proof and high-quality data feeds, ensuring the delivery of dependable price benchmarks for stablecoins. Stablecoins become easily accessible throughout decentralized finance markets.

Moreover, the Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) developed by Chainlink facilitates seamless transfers of stablecoins between various blockchains, enhancing liquidity and usability.

Additionally, Chainlink’s Proof of Reserve feature facilitates periodic and autonomous validations of reserves held by stablecoins off the blockchain. The ability to do this is crucial for strengthening stability and fostering trust.

Utilizing decentralized services enables stablecoin projects to effortlessly expand their operations by simply integrating Chainlink, thereby expediting the widespread adoption of stablecoins.

Establishing Standards Through Collaborative Effort

The partnership between Chainlink and Stablecoin Standard aims to provide market education and promote adopting best practices regarding stability, security, and transparency.

Chainlink Labs and Stablecoin Standard have formed a collaborative partnership to undertake initiatives related to outreach and educational programs, joint standards structures, and the development of innovative stablecoin models that leverage the capabilities of Chainlink services jointly.

The significant rise in stablecoin adoption has demonstrated the public’s appetite for tokenized resources. According to Christian Walker, one of the Co-Founders of Stablecoin Standard, the collaboration with Chainlink Labs will play a crucial role in promoting the widespread use of stablecoins and setting industry norms for stablecoin issuers by leveraging Chainlink’s widely accepted services.

Using Chainlink’s resources, Stablecoin Standard can empower its community to incorporate dependable stability models.


In brief, the collaborative alliance between Chainlink and Stablecoin Standard strives to advance the adoption of decentralized technology in creating secure and transparent stablecoin models. The bolstering of adoption will be ultimately achieved through educational initiatives, the implementation of new standards, and the sharing of innovative ideas.

The collaboration combines Chainlink’s advanced technology for blockchain neutrality, dependability, and connectivity with Stablecoin Standards’ objective of promoting collaborative efforts within the industry.

In collaboration, these prominent figures from the industry will unveil novel decentralized frameworks, namely stablecoins, for the rapidly expanding asset category within the cryptocurrency realm.

As per the data provided by CoinCodex, the present value of Chainlink (LINK) stands at 14.74. This represents a rise of 4.62% within the past 24 hours, positioning it as the 11th most significant digital currency in market capitalization.

Phillip Bryant

Phillip Bryant

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