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TradeSafer Review, tradesafer.com – Is Trade Safer Scam or a Legit Crypto Broker?

Ethan Wilson

ByEthan Wilson

Oct 9, 2023
Trade Safer Broker Rating
Discover the truth about TradeSafer: Is it a reliable cryptocurrency broker or just another scam? Read our comprehensive tradesafer.com review to find out.
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TradeSafer Review

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Over the years, there has been considerable evolution and expansion in the online trading landscape. As it has advanced, so have the demands of traders. Gone are the days of simple platforms with basic tools and features.

These days, traders demand innovation and simplicity from the online broker they choose. This has resulted in a horde of new platforms being established, which promise you the world. But, the fact is that not all of them are able to meet your expectations. In this TradeSafer review, I have talked about one broker that managed to exceed my expectations.

Fast and simple signing up

When I first came across the Tradesafer.com broker, my interest was piqued right away because of its sign up process. I had reviewed other platforms before this one and all of them had lengthy and demanding procedures for opening an account.

TradeSafer website

I was taken aback to see that it took just a couple of minutes to open an account with TradeSafer. The signing up process is simple and fast, as it only comprises of one form on the website that needs only essential details. There are no more forms, or any requirements to be met for you to set up right away.

Flexible account types

After registering myself on the Tradesafer.com trading platform, I took a look at their account types and again, I was taken by surprise. The account types at your disposal are extremely flexible and meant to facilitate every type of trader that could possibly exist in the market.

They have accounts for novices without any experience, intermediate traders with a little bit of knowledge and skill, as well as veterans. There are also accounts for professional and expert traders.

But, the most unique account type in my opinion was the demo account. The Trade Safer broker has given this account to its clients to help them in refining and practicing their trading strategies with virtual money. They can also use it to check out the broker’s platform and its tools, features and trading conditions. Furthermore, it is also good for newbies to become familiar with the trading process before they start trading in the live market.

Range of trading assets

The trading assets that are given to you on the Trade Safer trading platform belong to some of the leading financial markets in the world. Every trader should remember that their profits depend on the assets they trade because not all of them give the same type of returns.

In addition, risk mitigation is also essential for maximizing returns and all of this is easy on this platform. It is primarily because you have a range of trading assets to choose from, including forex currency pairs, stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies and indices. With this variety, you can easily achieve portfolio diversification and enjoy substantial returns in the long run.

Intuitive trading platform

I was pleasantly surprised to see the intuitive trading platform that the TradeSafer broker has developed for its clients. Even if you do not have any prior trading experience, you will get the hang of the platform relatively quickly. This is because it has a very simple and basic user-interface and the layout is neat and minimal.

TradeSafer trading platform

Accessing the trading tools that the broker offers is extremely easy and you also have the option to customize the dashboard. Despite the simplicity, the platform proved to be quite powerful, as it executed trades within seconds. There were no lags and it did not slow down at any point. There was no downloading needed, as the platform is web-based.

Round the clock assistance

Whether a broker offers assistance and support can play a crucial role in your experience. When I went through the TradeSafer trading platform, I discovered that it had quite a number of support options to offer. The platform itself comes with a built-in messenger that can be used for directly connecting to the support team of the broker 24/5. This means that if you have any technical issue, you do not need to waste time.

The website also has an FAQ section that gives clear and precise answers to queries. If you have a specific question, you can contact their representatives via live chat, phone or send an email.

Is TradeSafer scam or legit?

As attractive as the TradeSafer broker proved to be, I was not ready to give it a stamp of approval before ensuring that it was legitimate. Therefore, I checked its policies carefully, along with the security measures implemented on the platform. There were no loopholes or any problems anywhere, which confirmed that it is indeed genuine.

Final Word

When you put together the offerings that are highlighted in this TradeSafer review, it is not difficult to realize that the broker can truly help you excel in your trading endeavors.

Ethan Wilson

Ethan Wilson

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