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Crypto Business Polls US Politicians for 2024, Looking For Lawmakers Who Will Be Friendly

Phillip Bryant

ByPhillip Bryant

Mar 21, 2024
Crypto Business Polls US Politicians for 2024, Looking For Lawmakers Who Will Be Friendly

In order to determine the candidates’ perspectives on digital assets, the cryptocurrency industry is surveying the candidates running for congressional leadership positions. It is anticipated that this sector will have a significant impact on the election cycle in the United States in 2024. This movement’s political arm is reaching out to potential lawmakers in an effort to gauge their views and sentiments. This push is being made possible by the growing number of followers and financial support that the movement has received.

Cryptocurrency Surveys Hold Some Good Promise

According to Olivia Buckley of OpenSecrets, the absence of formal trade groups has led the cryptocurrency industry to use surveys like the one conducted by the Stand With Crypto Alliance to have a say in political matters. This group tracks monetary donations to American politicians. This program gives businesses a chance to reach out to bitcoin owners as voters, who can then sway public opinion.

Ultimately, those aiming to promote politicians who support Bitcoin may back candidates whose survey responses align with industry interests.

Buckley said that the number of nonprofits advocating for Bitcoin has increased noticeably in the past several years.

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The current state of affairs surrounding the federal government’s approach to cryptocurrency regulation is fraught with controversy and uncertainty. So, it will be interesting to watch whether candidates get the sector’s backing. She claimed that this data might shed light on how Congress plans to regulate cryptocurrencies in the future.

Politicians Are Eager to Participate in Polls

Stand With Crypto reports that several potential candidates have expressed interest in participating in the vote. Candidates from this group are running for office in California, Alabama, Texas, Indiana, and Maryland. According to this particular organization, however, the investigating parties’ identities will remain secret.

The 468 congressional seats that are up for grabs in November will be decided via a survey, according to Reuters. Members of the organization plan to send out the poll to potential voters.

“It is crucial for crypto enthusiasts and the crypto community to gain insight into the positions of their policymakers, elected officials, and candidates in federal races,” stated Nick Carr, chief strategist for Stand With Crypto. “This is true for both the crypto community and the crypto enthusiasts.”

According to the poll that Reuters received, candidates were asked a series of questions regarding the impact of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin on technological advancement and the urgency of updating the US regulatory framework for digital currencies.

This technique also asks about a candidate’s stance on voting for specific legislation. For example, last year, a bill was filed in the House of Representatives that aims to create a structured framework for digital assets.

With the Super Tuesday contests that happened on March 5, the number of members in Stand With Crypto increased dramatically from 315,000 to 370,000 as of Wednesday. You may get this data on their website. One of the places that helped shape the meeting was the internet marketplace Coinbase (NASDAQ:COIN), where users can purchase and sell cryptocurrency.

Three newly formed super PACs—Fairshake, Defend American Jobs, and Protect Progress—have invested substantially in Super Tuesday contests. Politicians who embrace cryptocurrency already receive funding from these super PACs.

Data from OpenSecrets shows that the three super PACs’ combined contributions to independent expenditures this election cycle exceed twenty-one million dollars.

Phillip Bryant

Phillip Bryant

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