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Astroport Successfully Moves Staking and Governance From Terra to Neutron

Phillip Bryant

ByPhillip Bryant

Apr 13, 2024
Astroport Successfully Moves Staking and Governance From Terra to Neutron

There has been a significant advancement in Astroport, which is an advanced AMM that is built on the Tera blockchain. This development has been realized. According to the most recent update of the platform, staking and governance have been successfully transferred from the open-source blockchain forum Terra to Neutron.

This was accomplished through a successful transfer. The post specifically emphasized that the particular development represents a significant step in the very first transaction of this kind that has ever taken place.

Today signifies a momentous occasion in the Cosmos ecosystem: Astroport has effectively transferred its governance and staking hub from Terra to Neutron. This remarkable accomplishment signifies the unprecedented shift of a protocol’s management hub from one blockchain to a different one.

— Astroport

The Most Recent Migration of Astroport Allows for Neutron Staking and Governance

According to the company, this initiative is a prime example of a new era of cross-chain collaboration and usefulness. Astroport likewise disclosed the particulars of this technological advancement to the general public. The fact that xASTRO and ASTRO tokens have been converted to conform to the standard established by TokenFactory has been brought to some attention.

Start Trading
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Therefore, ASTRO is now known as ASTRO.cw20, and xASTRO is now known as xASTRO.cw20. Both of these names have been changed.

Neutron provides its clients with the opportunity to take advantage of the staking and governance services that are available to them. By providing users with the ability to convert tokens, the Astroport swap pages make it less complicated for users to accomplish this goal.

The platform brought attention to the fact that it has yet to establish any liquidity pools that are applicable across chains. These developments’ implications represent a significant shift for the stakeholders and holders of ASTRO, and they are essential. They can put specific procedures into action, which will guarantee a smooth transition to the most recent technology and standards.

On each chain, with the exception of Osmosis, token holders can exchange their tokens for other tokens. Osmosis users are required to link their tokens to a compatible chain to facilitate token exchanges, which is a precondition for the process. Stakeholders must remove their tokens from circulation before they may convert them into another form. It is only possible to visit the bridge page to complete token transfers to Neutron, which are necessary to enable rebuilding.

The Platform to Reveal vxASTRO on Neutron

Users acquire tokens by pulling liquidity from already existing pools. They are permitted to trade by converting the tokens. To improve the system’s liquidity, they need to include the most recent coins in the one-of-a-kind on-chain ASTRO pools. The company intends to launch vxASTRO on Neutron after the migration process is complete.

Phillip Bryant

Phillip Bryant

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